Happy Weekend @Fashionary Illustration Workshop

Happy Weekend @Fashionary Illustration Workshop

Posted by ALYN on 29th Mar 2015

Hi everyone, firstly, sorry for leaving it so long before start a new post.

Today, I have a wonderful experience. First time in Hong Kong that I joined art workshop. Thanks to Fashionary and Pageone that organised such a great activity. I am really happy with it. 

So, the class held on Sat 28th Mar, 15 at PAGE ONE Harbour City. The first class is Watercolour Fashion Workshop by Kitty N. Wong and the second class is Fashion Marker Workshop by Vikki Yau. Oh, Fashionary also provides us the drawing materials i.e. HB pencils, markers, pens, watercolour, Fashionary paper panel which is really great. If you want to draw, better to start by having the sketch book and now, I have to buy them because they are so so good equipments. :p

Beautiful set up table

The equipment for our drawing today by Fashionary

Kitty is amazing talented Hong Kong based artist and fashion illustrator. She draw for many famous clients include Lane Crawford and Marks and Spencer. She is very nice, funny and lovable. She starts with showing us how to draw step by step and then we do it together. Her drawing style by using watercolour is very stylish and retro. Also I feel that it is so easy to follow her instruction. 

She shown us hot to draw this beautiful MSGM multi- coloured fur coat from their FW2015 collection. It's so fantastic. So we started from draw a model by using HB pencil and then colouring using watercolour. I have to tell you that I have very little experience about drawing and painting. In both classes, I am very enjoyed and really want to keep doing it as well. 

Next is the Markers fashion illustration class with Vikki Yau. She is a fashion illustration and editor behind Fashionary. Her works are incredible as you can see from the photos I posted. 

In this class, we learned about how to use the markers to illustrate. Actually, the makers also give a feel like you use the watercolour because they both are water base. However, the marker is easier to emphasise your drawing while the water colour is giving more natural feeling. You also can do that with water colour by applying few more layers.

For me, I feel the marker is harder as I am very new to it and also you have to be able to control your hand very well. Anyway, both techniques are great for anyone who love to sketch their fashion design pieces.   

Now, I hope that there will be more workshops like this one, as this is a great opportunity for people who have talent and interested in art and design but don't know how to start or how to draw. As well as, Hong Kong is one of most very creative and design cites. So Fashionary, can you arrange it again and again, please? 

What do you think? <3

Hope you enjoy!