About Us

ALYN is rebranded from A-Leen by Alyn. We decided to change the name and make a new look for website which more user friendly and interesting to benefit our customer.

ALYN is a fashion online retailer founded in 2012. We offer fashion jewelry, accessories and skin care products to customers worldwide. We ship our handpicked products internationally and also free shipping is available for Thailand market.

ALYN is owned and operated by Nareewan (Peung), a passionate person in a fashion, beauty and jewelry.
Every collection, she design and chooses the materials by herself to ensure that her customers will get the best quality products from ALYN. We only offer one piece per design item, thus you will be only person that have it!

Peung has a solid background in fashion and jewelry. She always be a fashion stylist for her friends and customer.
She has a degree in Marketing and a certificate in Jewelry Design. She has worked for over 10 years in all aspects of
the fashion trade, including design, skin care and retail management and training and also customer service.

Located in both Hong Kong and Bangkok, Thailand, two of the most fashionable cities provides ALYN the opportunity to discover new fashion trend, high quality product and good logistic. We can easily ship our product to you wherever you are.

ALYN has spent years developing contacts in many countries in order to bring you the best in fashion still hiding in the world. You never know what treasures we’ll uncover next, but we always have fun bringing them to you!

Any information enquiry, please contact us at info@alynshop.com

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